Some People HEART their laptop!

Some People HEART their desktop!

I HEART myHostedDesktop!



Welcome to myHostedDesktop.com where Desktops are Delivered on Demand. If your business has less than 15 users or you have multiple mobile users or sites, myHostedDesktop.com is just the solution you've been looking for.


Founded by Rebnord Technologies to provide low cost hosted desktop solutions for their clients, myHostedDesktop.com is available to business around the country to provide hosted desktop infrastructure and maintenance. Desktops can be optionally preinstalled with most Microsoft software, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and much more. Each desktop can be dedicated to a single user or if you just need a single desktop image deployed to multiple workstations such as a calling center, then we can setup a base image that multiple machines can be generated from.


Let us know what your needs are and we can custom configure any option to suit your needs.